Trump's Abuse of Power 

The Supreme Court is supposed to act as an independent check on the presidency — keeping the president from abusing his power and behaving unlawfully. But on issue after issue, the Republican-appointed majority on the Supreme Court has rubberstamped Trump’s illegal actions. When Trump broke the rules and took money Congress had appropriated for other purposes to pay for his border wall, the Republican-appointed justices took his side. When Trump wanted to kick transgender service members out of the US armed forces, they let him move forward with it. And when Trump wanted to ban Muslims from entering the country, as he promised to do during his presidential campaign, the Republican-appointed Justices turned a blind eye to his racist motives and let Trump get away with that too.

The Republican-appointed justices are just too close to Trump and too unwilling to check his abuses of power. 

The Supreme Court has become too political. It's time to fight back >>

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