About Supreme Court Voter

Our democracy is hanging in the balance. It’s time to fight back.

The Supreme Court is broken.

It is supposed to be independent and fair, protecting our rights and enforcing the rule of law, but instead, the six Republican-appointed justices are abusing their authority and threatening our democracy.

Brett Kavanaugh and his allies are pursuing a partisan agenda–putting one political party’s interests ahead of the greater good. As a result, our most basic rights now hang in the balance, and our ability to make progress on the most important problems facing our country is at risk.

In just the last few years, the Court has allowed unlimited money to flow into our elections, gutted the Voting Rights Act, and given a greenlight to partisan gerrymandering.

Supreme Court Voter is a movement of people ready to say “enough.”

We cannot allow a politically motivated bloc of justices to continue putting the interests of the Republican Party, the rich, and the powerful ahead of the interests of our democracy. We’re not going to sit by while they threaten progress we’ve fought so hard for.

A graphic with a picture of Senator Elizabeth Warren and the following quote: "Right now, we have a unique opportunity to mobilize progressives and take back the Court. And that is why I'm so proud to support the Supreme Court Voter project."

We are ready to fight for a Supreme Court that represents all of us and upholds the rule of law. Join us.

The Supreme Court has become too political. It's time to fight back >>

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